Looking Forward to Heirloom Tomatoes

Yesterday we planted the first row of heirloom tomatoes at the garden, today they are getting the best rainy day to settle in.  For me, this moment is a big deal because I put so much care into the whole process.  From selecting which varieties to grow, to nursing the little seedlings for a month, to trellising the leggy plants as they grow taller than me and eventually to harvest, which yields the most beautiful rainbow of fruit.

The seedling sale is next weekend, the plants look great and I’m finishing the last few details like organizing plants, labeling and writing descriptions for each variety.

Check out the Events page for details about the sale.

Here are some tomato portraits from last season to get you excited!

Striped German


Green Zebra

Cherokee Purple

Amish Red


Black Prince

Costoluto Genovese

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