Blooming, Fruiting and Sprouting

There is a constant cycle of blooming, fruiting and sprouting¬† in the garden. As a farmer, my job in the cycle is to plant the seeds and my reward isn’t only the harvest, but also the beauty of the process.

Jolly Jester Marigold

Roselle: after the flower blooms and dies back, the calyx swells, which is the part we eat for it’s tangy tartness!

Orient Charm eggplant, a lavender oriental variety.

A volunteer zucchini from the compost.

Red Russian kale seedling

Very young loofah gourd

Another compost volunteer; this one I don’t recognize, but it might be a melon.¬† It’s the fuzziest plant I’ve ever seen!

The very first Purple Podded beans

2 comments to Blooming, Fruiting and Sprouting

  • Krista

    Hi Muriel!

    My name is Krista and I heard of you from my friends Melissa Memory and Christy Gast. I am in awe of your endeavor and especially your soil. For a girl who has been growing in the desert for 6 years, it moved me to tears. Anyhoo, I’m on your mailing list now, thank you. I plan to arrive to the area in mid-February and would love the opportunity to volunteer with you. I realize that its near the end of the growing season but I relish the opportunity anyway. Thank you thank you thank you for what you are doing! With JOY!

  • Wow, what beautiful pictures! The zucchini blossom picture is stunning. So elegant…

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