Expanding for next season

Ever since I started planting and harvesting vegetables in the 1/4 acre field of the garden I have right now, I felt I had out grown the space.  The big push in creating a garden is the preparation of the soil and infrastructure, all of which happens in a few months, ideally the summer before a growing season.  With my first garden under control and mature and the long summer months up ahead, I am ready to expand for next season.

Introducing the site of a beautiful new garden:

Looking northwest at the new garden site.

At this point I am still tweaking the garden design, but by next week I will begin putting in the paths and planting beds.  The designing never ends for me, at every step of the way I usually figure out how something can work better if I change it around this way or that way.  Designing a garden is about thinking through all of the activities and natural systems that you want to include.  It’s about analysing the natural systems that already exist on the site and how you want to collaborate with them.  There is only so much you can foresee.  Relationships and patterns become clear as you work in the space over time and it’s important to be flexible and responsive.

One of the many perks of the site is a small abandoned vegetable garden with rich soil.  The plan is to start there and expand outward.

The existing vegetable garden has some great resources, including rich soil and a few crops ready to harvest now!

Moving a truck load of usefull junk.

Last week was the first time I spent a full work day at the garden.  I had the help of two remarkable friends, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to do all the heavy work of clearing out the site by taking down fencing, folding up enormous tarps, moving heavy rocks and pulling out stumps.  One of my friends created a CAD drawing of the site after we carefully measured the perimeter.  It’s going to be a great tool to use for designing and calculating potential yields.

Looking east into the entrance of the old veggie garden.

As you can imagine, I will be documenting the transformation of this land and posting about it along the way.  It’s a very exciting summer project and I look forward to every detail!

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