Farmers Markets

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Farmers markets are an important element in our local food system.  For the farmer, producer, craftsman and artisan, markets provide an opportunity to sell goods directly to the consumer, allowing them to capture the full dollar value of their product, which goes a long way into helping them be financially sustainable.  Maintaining a healthy group of local farmers and producers is good for our economy, the health of our community and the diversity, hence the safety, of our food supply.  The consumer, as well as the community, benefit from local markets in many ways and it’s incredibly important to support them.  Markets present a source of fresh foods, the peace of mind of knowing where your food comes from and the gratification of a shopping experience that usually involves tasting, conversation, culture and socializing.

For the 2013-2014 growing season we’ve teamed up with former apprentice Tiffany Noe and her new project, Plant Matter, to set up a farm stand at The Upper Eastside Farmers Market to sell plants and extra veggies that don’t make it into the shares.  We’ll also have farm fresh eggs for sale at $6 per dozen and Zak the Bakers sourdough bread.  We’ll be there every Saturday beginning November 16th 2013.  Look for our “edible plants for sale” sign painted by local sign painter Serge!

Our selection of fresh veggies is peaking in February.  Our table on a typical Saturday morning is overflowing with heirloom tomatoes, multi-colored bush beans, Asian eggplant and assorted peppers, bananas, key limes, radishes, carrots, Easter colored eggs as well as upwards of 12 varieties of greens.  We also have a sweet selection of edible plants and organic fertilizers for your own home garden.  On the list are various eggplants, greens like red malabar spinach, mizuna, yukina savoy, mustard, arugula, lacinato kale and purple orach as well as hard to find things like roselle, black peanuts, little leaf cucumbers, fennel, broccoli, sweet basil, citrus basil, lemongrass and cuban oregano.  Our plants get a good start with a potting mix of compost, kelp meal, peat and perlite and a weekly spray of organic fish emulsion.  As the season progresses our plant and garden supply inventory will grow so visit us regularly to stock your garden!


Upper Eastside Farmers Market

Every Saturday from 9am-2pm
At Legion Park
Biscayne blvd and 66th Street