Meet Katia

Katia Bechara, 2013 volunteer and CSA member












‘Coming from a restaurant and wine background I have always been interested in farm to table. I am currently working for a wine importer and I spend my time working with family owned wineries that come . . . → Read More: Meet Katia

Walk-Behind Tiller

There are always exceptions.  I know that tillage (Tillage is the agricultural preparation of soil by mechanical agitation of various types, such as digging, stirring, and overturning) does damage to the soil, but for the first time since I started the garden I decided to till.  This is a long story.  Last summer I . . . → Read More: Walk-Behind Tiller

Meet Leslie Bosson, Farm Apprentice and Urbangro Entrepreneur

2013-2014 Apprentice Leslie Bosson










Hello! My name is Leslie Bosson and I have been apprenticing at the Little River Market Garden for four very hot months. I’ve lived in Miami for 15 years and recently founded an ebible garden design business called Urbangro. The dream to . . . → Read More: Meet Leslie Bosson, Farm Apprentice and Urbangro Entrepreneur

Harvesting Baby Ginger

This weekend we harvested the first CSA share of the season, a big milestone!  Everything in the share was beautiful and bright, from the arugula to the old favorite purple yardlong beans, but the highlight was hands down the freshly harvested baby ginger.











. . . → Read More: Harvesting Baby Ginger

Day In, Day Out

Day in, day out we spend the mornings with a hoe, shovel or pitch fork in hand.  We are building beds and mulching paths, planting cover crops seeds and weeding.  Little by little the summer is passing by and the farm is growing into an organized maze for growing vegetables in the Fall.

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