First Cuckoo Maran Egg


















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Two Face













Poor thing was attacked by a racoon in the middle of the night, but survived with a gnarly gash on the head.  After I cleaned the wound and she stayed isolated from the flock, a week later the scab fell off . . . → Read More: Two Face

Heritage Breed Chicks









After having kept chickens for a year we are convinced that it is a great addition to a vegetable garden.  Not only do they provide extra nutritious food for the kitchen, but they add nutrients to the soil, the compost and the worm bins.  They . . . → Read More: Heritage Breed Chicks

From a Shoot for Blindfold Magazine

Before the end of April a photographer named Presscott made an appointment to shoot a series of photos for a spread in Blindfold Magazine.  The new issue is not out yet, but I’ve gotten permission to post a sneak preview.  Check out his website for more beautiful images.

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Spring Photos

Milkweed pods and collards in the forground with buckwheat cover crops in the background.

The Little River Chicken Yard is full of papaya trees which regularly feed both us and them.

A perfect "Hercules" carrot

Freshly sowed beds of buckwheat.


Found a snake in the irrigation line!

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Paramount in the Garden and the Kitchen

Greek Oregano, a mint relative, has a high oil content and strong aroma. It's a prolific perennial plant and I use it throughout the garden as a border or at the head of planting beds. Once harvested it dries well, but in our kitchen usually makes it into a meal fresh.

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First Egg

This afternoon, after a long wait (about 6 months), one of my chickens laid her first egg!  I couldn’t believe it!

Also on the list of firsts, last Friday we culled 3 Red Broilers for Christmas dinner.  Thank you chickens for a nutritious meal.  Chicken soup coming up.

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Come Pick Up Your Chicks

A couple of months ago a group of us cooperatively ordered baby chicks together.  This weekend, the chicks arrived, safe and sound, and their new families came by to pick them up.  It was a weekend full of sweet moments.

Chicken Coop

Chicks checking out their new home.

Chickens are a big responsibility.  We’ve wanted to have them from the very beginning, but we waited until most of the other garden systems were under control before taking on the extra burden.  That said, chickens are also a joy and we are fascinated and charmed by . . . → Read More: Chicken Coop

Rake feeder, by Tom and Sam

This is as good a time as any to introduce you to the Hollingworth-Kruse family.  They own the chickens that are temporarily living at the garden.  They are Tom, Samantha, Mateo (5 years old), and Harper (1 year old).  I’ve known them  a long time and consider them dear friends and great people.

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