CSA Week 18

We are in the home stretch.  After this week, only two more CSA shares to go.  The awesome thing is we’ll be setting up at the Upper East Side Farmers Market through the end of May so you’ll be able to get a fix of fresh and lively veggies for a little longer.

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CSA Week 17

This season is turning out to be all about greens.  Leafy and healthy.










The line up:

Teenage Red Kale

Arugula and Pei Tsai Bunches



Daikon Radishes with great looking tops

Sweet Potatoes

Some Tips:

First thing you should do is separate the . . . → Read More: CSA Week 17

CSA Week 16










The line up:


Carrots with tops



Herbs (choose between Thai Basil, Chinese Leeks or Dill)

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CSA Week 15

This share screams SALAD!












The line up:

Salad Mix (Pei Tsai, Ruby Streaks Mustard, Nasturtiums, Arugula, Purslane & Yukina Savoy)


Heirloom Beans (purple and yellow)


French Breakfast Radishes


Bananas and Plantains

Some tips:

A couple of weeks ago we . . . → Read More: CSA Week 15

CSA Week 14












The line up:

Root Bunches (a mix of turnips, carrots and radishes)




Cabbage (your choice between red cabbage and napa cabbage)


Some tips:

I am very pleased with these mixed root bunches.  They were fun to assemble and . . . → Read More: CSA Week 14

CSA Week 13

I’ll fill you in on a little dilemma we have on the farm.  Not a big deal, but definitely an important issue to resolve.  In a couple of weeks we are loosing access to electricity at the farm which means we wont be able to run our irrigation pump.  Ironically it’s been raining very . . . → Read More: CSA Week 13

CSA Week 11














The line up:



Cubanelle Peppers

Swiss Chard


Purple Top Turnips (with greens)

Some tips:

Stuffed peppers.  Cubanelle are perfect for stuffing.  They are a mild thin walled pepper with a large cavity for stuffing.  My recommendation is . . . → Read More: CSA Week 11

CSA Week 9

Hey CSA members, especially you newbies, do you want to visit the garden where your veggies are growing?  You are welcome anytime and we are almost halfway through the season.  The fields look beautiful right now.  How about a visit Sunday, January 19th?  Email me an RSVP or just let me know at the . . . → Read More: CSA Week 9

CSA Week 8

The Polar Vortex visited us this week and gave our carrots and brassicas a big kiss.  They’ll be extra sweet on our plates this week.












The line up:

Bi-colored Carrots

Baby Pac choi

Dino Kale

Daikon Radish


Spring Onions


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CSA Week 7

After a brief hiatus for the holidays we are back in business this week.  Today was a beautiful day in the garden; it felt great to spend the day huddled close to the soil pulling weeds and babying long rows of pac choi, tiny carrot seedlings and big pillowy napa cabbages.



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