Bye Bye Heirloom Tomatoes












Today was a sad day at the farm and I feel like writing about it will ease the pain.

I made the tough decision to pull out more than half of our tomato plants because they were just having a hard time . . . → Read More: Bye Bye Heirloom Tomatoes

CSA Week 9

Hey CSA members, especially you newbies, do you want to visit the garden where your veggies are growing?  You are welcome anytime and we are almost halfway through the season.  The fields look beautiful right now.  How about a visit Sunday, January 19th?  Email me an RSVP or just let me know at the . . . → Read More: CSA Week 9

CSA Week 8

The Polar Vortex visited us this week and gave our carrots and brassicas a big kiss.  They’ll be extra sweet on our plates this week.












The line up:

Bi-colored Carrots

Baby Pac choi

Dino Kale

Daikon Radish


Spring Onions


. . . → Read More: CSA Week 8

In The Near Future

I got two of my wisdom teeth extracted this afternoon.  Baby is with grandparents.  I get to chill in bed and recover.  It is currently 80 degrees and pouring outside, but there is a “polar vortex” sweeping across the country and we are finally really getting a cold front tonight and that is good . . . → Read More: In The Near Future

CSA Week 4

We are inching our way towards Winter Solstice.  December 21st will be the shortest day (and longest night) of the year and then we are on our way back to longer days.  Longer days mean faster growth for veggies in the garden.  Every year I notice a slight decline in plant growth as we . . . → Read More: CSA Week 4

CSA week 3

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  You probably have tons of left overs and you’ve probably over done it on rich foods.  The shares this week are meant to lighten things up in your kitchen with a focus on fresh greens.  Enjoy!











. . . → Read More: CSA week 3

CSA Week 2

Let’s get into the swing of it!

It was really nice seeing all the CSA members last week at the Upper East Side Farmers Market for the first share pick up. The market seems like it’s going to be a great place to spend Saturday mornings. We started with 27 dozen eggs and a . . . → Read More: CSA Week 2

First CSA Share

Here we go, this is it, the beginning.

As the farmer I always get a little nervous and tense just before each CSA season begins.  It’s partly because I’m out of practice after a long summer and also because I’m eager to impress my members.  By the time week one rolls around I’ve put . . . → Read More: First CSA Share

Soil Amendments

Preparing of the soil for Fall planting is nearly complete.  We started cutting down cover crops in September and now, after hoeing, raking and hand weeding we are adding the final touches just before planting.  Arugula, a rainbow of radishes, a variety of Asian greens, bush beans, carrots and kohlrabi are among the first . . . → Read More: Soil Amendments

End of One Season, Beginning of The Next









On the one hand we have a field of mature Sunn Hemp cover crop with bananas in the background as well as roselle, yucca and galangal in the foreground.  On the other hand we have trays of the very first germinating seeds of the season, . . . → Read More: End of One Season, Beginning of The Next