CSA Week 6

It’s the week before Christmas and we are out here working in shorts.  Sure, we got a little cold front the last few nights, but so far this winter has been a tropical dream.  It’s still warm enough to have smoothies for breakfast, eat salads outside for lunch, harvest sunflowers for the dinner table . . . → Read More: CSA Week 6

CSA Week 5











The line up:

Dinosaur Kale

Baby Arugula

Ruby Streaks Mustard Greens


Patty Pan Squash

Black Sapote aka Chocolate Pudding Fruit


Some tips:

I can’t help but be inspired by The Fare Field so every week I am bound to recommend . . . → Read More: CSA Week 5

CSA Week 4

We are inching our way towards Winter Solstice.  December 21st will be the shortest day (and longest night) of the year and then we are on our way back to longer days.  Longer days mean faster growth for veggies in the garden.  Every year I notice a slight decline in plant growth as we . . . → Read More: CSA Week 4

CSA week 3

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  You probably have tons of left overs and you’ve probably over done it on rich foods.  The shares this week are meant to lighten things up in your kitchen with a focus on fresh greens.  Enjoy!











. . . → Read More: CSA week 3

CSA Week 2

Let’s get into the swing of it!

It was really nice seeing all the CSA members last week at the Upper East Side Farmers Market for the first share pick up. The market seems like it’s going to be a great place to spend Saturday mornings. We started with 27 dozen eggs and a . . . → Read More: CSA Week 2

First CSA Share

Here we go, this is it, the beginning.

As the farmer I always get a little nervous and tense just before each CSA season begins.  It’s partly because I’m out of practice after a long summer and also because I’m eager to impress my members.  By the time week one rolls around I’ve put . . . → Read More: First CSA Share

Harvesting Baby Ginger

This weekend we harvested the first CSA share of the season, a big milestone!  Everything in the share was beautiful and bright, from the arugula to the old favorite purple yardlong beans, but the highlight was hands down the freshly harvested baby ginger.











. . . → Read More: Harvesting Baby Ginger

Paramount in the Garden and the Kitchen

Greek Oregano, a mint relative, has a high oil content and strong aroma. It's a prolific perennial plant and I use it throughout the garden as a border or at the head of planting beds. Once harvested it dries well, but in our kitchen usually makes it into a meal fresh.

Since . . . → Read More: Paramount in the Garden and the Kitchen

Yard Long Beans

My first attempt at growing yard long beans has so far been very rewarding.  The bright green vines vigorously grew up the trellising and began flowering within 40 days, which is half the estimated time on the seed packet.  A week later, being today, I harvested the first beautiful 5 bunches!  They are my . . . → Read More: Yard Long Beans

October Fields

Looking east at a field of bush bean, squash and kale.

In between 2 snaky rows of red yard long beans climbing on trellises.

Beds of summer squash

"flying saucer" patty pan squash


Sunflower . . . → Read More: October Fields