Soil Amendments

Preparing of the soil for Fall planting is nearly complete.  We started cutting down cover crops in September and now, after hoeing, raking and hand weeding we are adding the final touches just before planting.  Arugula, a rainbow of radishes, a variety of Asian greens, bush beans, carrots and kohlrabi are among the first . . . → Read More: Soil Amendments

Walk-Behind Tiller

There are always exceptions.  I know that tillage (Tillage is the agricultural preparation of soil by mechanical agitation of various types, such as digging, stirring, and overturning) does damage to the soil, but for the first time since I started the garden I decided to till.  This is a long story.  Last summer I . . . → Read More: Walk-Behind Tiller

End of One Season, Beginning of The Next









On the one hand we have a field of mature Sunn Hemp cover crop with bananas in the background as well as roselle, yucca and galangal in the foreground.  On the other hand we have trays of the very first germinating seeds of the season, . . . → Read More: End of One Season, Beginning of The Next

4th Annual Heirloom Tomato and Veggie Seedling Sale

Saturday, October 19th 2013


At the Little River Marker Garden


October is the best time to start a garden in Miami if you want to get the most out of the growing season.  Our 4th Annual Heirloom Tomato Seedling Sale . . . → Read More: 4th Annual Heirloom Tomato and Veggie Seedling Sale

Day in December






















. . . → Read More: Day in December

Fields Looking Great, Working Hard


























. . . → Read More: Fields Looking Great, Working Hard

Transplanting Cabbage












I’m growing the same variety of cabbage I grew last season because it did really well in the field, it formed pretty consistent heads and it tasted awesome.  Caraflex is a hybrid variety with good disease resistance and forms a rather small . . . → Read More: Transplanting Cabbage

Seed Biology

When I get uneven germination in the field I have to do something about it.  I can’t afford to loose all the precious space in the garden when patches of beets or carrots don’t come up.  First things first, it’s very important to focus on even moisture during the first few days after sowing.  . . . → Read More: Seed Biology

Looking Forward to Heirloom Tomatoes

Yesterday we planted the first row of heirloom tomatoes at the garden, today they are getting the best rainy day to settle in.  For me, this moment is a big deal because I put so much care into the whole process.  From selecting which varieties to grow, to nursing the little seedlings for . . . → Read More: Looking Forward to Heirloom Tomatoes

Power Tool

Blades of a brush attachment for a weed eater.

So far, the only gas powered tool I’ve needed to use in the garden is a weed eater, given to me by my dad.  The task of cutting down a few hundred square feet of Sunn Hemp was daunting me until a friend recommended . . . → Read More: Power Tool