Post-Halloween Straw

I can’t overstate the importance of mulching annuals with straw.  A few years ago, while doing an internship on a farm in upstate New York, were the focus of production was on heirloom tomatoes, the emphasis on straw mulch was loud and clear.  It’s a good idea to mulch most vegetables, especially long term . . . → Read More: Post-Halloween Straw

Hydrilla, Farm Generated Fertility?

Hrydrilla is an invasive aquatic plant that is causing havoc on most continents where it isn’t native.  It was introduced to Florida between the 1950′s and 1970′s as an aquarium plant from Asia and has since spread into the Everglades, canals and ponds.  The government spends millions trying to manage it, but because . . . → Read More: Hydrilla, Farm Generated Fertility?

The New Garden Taking Shape

Looking east at the first few shaped and planted garden beds. Having fun with the shapes!

Three of the pioneers, Cassava, Peanuts and Aloe. All of these thrive in our summers and are personal favorites.

This long curved bed of Cassava was planted about a month ago. It . . . → Read More: The New Garden Taking Shape

Frank Macaluso’s Garden

One of the many beautiful sights in the garden


On an overcast weekday morning I struggled through typical Kendall traffic to arrive at a garden I had been anxious to visit for a very long time.  Franks garden has been on my radar ever since I hosted a potluck for Urban Oasis . . . → Read More: Frank Macaluso’s Garden

Progress Report

One of the first jobs out in the field is shaping garden paths.  First we measure and stake out the path and then lay down a thick blanket of mulch in it’s place.

Unloading mulch into carts.

Moving around large quantities of mulch takes patience.  It’s not particularly hard work, especially . . . → Read More: Progress Report

Mystery Mushrooms

Harper found a treasure in the garden a few days ago!

Luckily, we found her before she got to it.  Although these mushrooms look friendly and edible, neither Sam or I know our mushrooms well enough to determine their safety.  We maintain a high level . . . → Read More: Mystery Mushrooms

Picking up manure at a magical forest

About once every 2 weeks I drive my truck 4 miles to the Enchanted Forest Park in North Miami.  Tucked away in the center of the dense oak hammock is a horse stable called Rock ‘n’ Ranch which provides pony rides to park visitors.  Every time . . . → Read More: Picking up manure at a magical forest