Bye Bye Heirloom Tomatoes












Today was a sad day at the farm and I feel like writing about it will ease the pain.

I made the tough decision to pull out more than half of our tomato plants because they were just having a hard time . . . → Read More: Bye Bye Heirloom Tomatoes

Sandy Is Now A Hurricane, Still Headed Our Way

Tropical Storm Sandy, We’re Not Getting A Break

Field Update After the Flood




































After just a couple of days the flooding subsided.  The impact of such hard rain on . . . → Read More: Field Update After the Flood













How ironic to be writing about a flooded garden when the theme of the year has been drought all over the country.  But the theme this year for South Florida has definitely been RAIN!

Excerpted from the Green Bytes Newsletter provided by . . . → Read More: Flooded