Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

During the growing season I try really hard to keep my Sundays free for family, cleaning and catching up on hammock time, but this past Sunday I made an exception.  A large group of great people came by for a farm tour and work session in the field.  They brought hats, boots, kids, dogs, . . . → Read More: Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

Meet Katia

Katia Bechara, 2013 volunteer and CSA member












‘Coming from a restaurant and wine background I have always been interested in farm to table. I am currently working for a wine importer and I spend my time working with family owned wineries that come . . . → Read More: Meet Katia

Walk-Behind Tiller

There are always exceptions.  I know that tillage (Tillage is the agricultural preparation of soil by mechanical agitation of various types, such as digging, stirring, and overturning) does damage to the soil, but for the first time since I started the garden I decided to till.  This is a long story.  Last summer I . . . → Read More: Walk-Behind Tiller

Summer Volunteers and Summer Cover Crops

Just because it’s the off season doesn’t mean that we are taking time off, in fact the opposite is true.  The hardest work on a farm is during the transition between seasons.  In mid July in Miami we are at the tail end of transitioning into Summer cover crops.  Volunteers have always been really . . . → Read More: Summer Volunteers and Summer Cover Crops

Day in December






















. . . → Read More: Day in December

Fields Looking Great, Working Hard


























. . . → Read More: Fields Looking Great, Working Hard

Meet Jenna!

2012 volunteer Jenna Balfe











“My name is Jenna Balfe. I have been volunteering at Little RIver Farm since late summer 2011. I am a dancer, videographer, artist, teacher, entrepeneur and serious bike commuter. Miami is my hometown and my family has been here . . . → Read More: Meet Jenna!

Volunteer Day, Saturday July 28th










Open call for volunteers this Saturday, July 28th!  I’m hoping to get a small group together to do a little weeding,  mulching between newly planted beds of cover crop and some pruning at our big garden in North Miami.  To avoid the blazing afternoon . . . → Read More: Volunteer Day, Saturday July 28th

Meet Crystal

Crystal was one of the most dedicated volunteers I’ve ever met; she called me weekly to check for volunteering opportunities and would stay until the bitter end of a work day.  Sadly for me, but for awesome for her, she’s in Alaska this summer and I miss her company in the garden.

Crystal . . . → Read More: Meet Crystal

Meet some of the Volunteers

The Little River Market Garden is made up of two small urban lots and they have been strategically designed to be managed as a one man show, but the truth is, from the beginning I’ve had volunteers helping with everything from starting seedlings to weeding to putting up fences and mulching.  Sure there are . . . → Read More: Meet some of the Volunteers