In The Near Future

I got two of my wisdom teeth extracted this afternoon.  Baby is with grandparents.  I get to chill in bed and recover.  It is currently 80 degrees and pouring outside, but there is a “polar vortex” sweeping across the country and we are finally really getting a cold front tonight and that is good . . . → Read More: In The Near Future

Farm Open House














Here we are, end of February, peak of the season.  At this time of the year the majority of our crops are doing great because growing conditions are optimum.  There are exceptions of course, and some of them monumental, . . . → Read More: Farm Open House

Sandy Is Now A Hurricane, Still Headed Our Way

Tropical Storm Sandy, We’re Not Getting A Break

Field Update After the Flood




































After just a couple of days the flooding subsided.  The impact of such hard rain on . . . → Read More: Field Update After the Flood













How ironic to be writing about a flooded garden when the theme of the year has been drought all over the country.  But the theme this year for South Florida has definitely been RAIN!

Excerpted from the Green Bytes Newsletter provided by . . . → Read More: Flooded

Hurricane Rina

Close call number 2 this year!  This time it could be really bad for our young crops in the fields…

As of wednesday morning Rina is predicted to come right for us and there is very little in the way to slow or redirect her.


By Friday the threat to South . . . → Read More: Hurricane Rina

Hurricane Irene

As of Monday night… I’ve got my eye on her.

As of Tuesday morning… looking good for Miami!


The Morning After…

The coldest night of the year so far in South Florida came and went.

As suspected, The Little River Market Garden is in a very protected location.

Even the most tender plants like basil and newly transplanted chard in the middle of the field were unaffected.

When I took the tarps off of . . . → Read More: The Morning After…

Hard Freeze Warning


There is a scary freeze warning tonight for all of Miami-Dade, including Coastal Miami-Dade.  The wind is blowing cold and hard at 20 mph from the north, with gusts as high as 29 mph.  It’s going to be a long night.  There could be sub-freezing temperatures starting at 11pm tonight until as late . . . → Read More: Hard Freeze Warning