Day in December






















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Fields Looking Great, Working Hard


























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Screening Compost and Cutting Down Cover Crops

Although the summer is still in full swing, in the garden we are beginning to think about Fall.  Usually September is when we officially begin the season, but in reality, there are many chores to prepare for the first of September.  One of the big things that kicks off the growing season is our . . . → Read More: Screening Compost and Cutting Down Cover Crops

Volunteer Day, Saturday July 28th










Open call for volunteers this Saturday, July 28th!  I’m hoping to get a small group together to do a little weeding,  mulching between newly planted beds of cover crop and some pruning at our big garden in North Miami.  To avoid the blazing afternoon . . . → Read More: Volunteer Day, Saturday July 28th

Bobcatting… again

This week we rented a bobcat to clear some land and move mulch in order to create more vegetable gardens.  The bobcat is a great tool and although it moves a lot of material almost effortlessly, riding around in the bumpy cab for many hours, many days in a row really wears you out!  . . . → Read More: Bobcatting… again

Open Call for Volunteers

The Little River Market Garden is expanding production space in order to grow more food for South Florida!  Over the next few weeks we’ll be working on the initial phase of transformation from overgrown weeds, logs and rocks to soil building, mulching and eventually a fertile garden.

Next week, April 2nd through the 8th, . . . → Read More: Open Call for Volunteers

Harvesting Carrots

According to my records I sowed carrots on October 11th, 2011.  Just 8 weeks later and I’m harvesting these beautiful, big carrots for the CSA.  They are especially sweet after a cold snap early in the week.  It got down into the 30′s for a brief period,  a blessing for carrots and greens, but . . . → Read More: Harvesting Carrots

Portrait of a Radish

As  a farmer sometimes I loose perspective on which vegetables people consider a treat or a chore to eat.  Radishes are probably not a favorite.  Although they are one of the most common veggies in other cultures, in America we don’t have many comfort food uses for them.  In the garden they are a . . . → Read More: Portrait of a Radish

Life and Death of the Yard Long Beans

I’m aware that the title of this post is pretty dramatic, especially because I’m just talking about bean plants, but the truth is that the 150 feet of red yard long beans at the farm meant a lot to me and it was difficult to put an end to them last week.  They were . . . → Read More: Life and Death of the Yard Long Beans

Power Tool

Blades of a brush attachment for a weed eater.

So far, the only gas powered tool I’ve needed to use in the garden is a weed eater, given to me by my dad.  The task of cutting down a few hundred square feet of Sunn Hemp was daunting me until a friend recommended . . . → Read More: Power Tool